An unwavering commitment to the mission of improving the quality and delivery of care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality sterile processing consulting,recruiting, education and outsourcing services to hospitals, and healthcare organizations; in-order to meet the needs of the patient.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide exceptional services, and support the Operating Room, while allowing care providers to focus more on direct patient care

As one of the most important department in the perioperative unit, the hospital sterile processing department (SPD) must be effective and efficient to ensure delivery of safe, high-quality Reusable Surgical

A poorly operating SPD poses significant risk of surgical site infection to patient and increases costs. SAMI focuses on eliminating instrument-related surgical delays, reduce Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS) rates, achieve infection prevention, and improve OR staff satisfaction.

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SAMI’s Sterile Processing Consulting experts can help your organization improve the quality and operational efficiency of your sterile processing department. 

Connecting with the world to improve Sterile Processing Services globally

High Quality Service And Patient Safety!!

Our passion and commitment to patient safety is embedded in our core value of delivering on time quality service. We build on this experience with a commitment to ongoing and advanced training, education, and certification to make sure that hospitals have exceptional service in the sterile processing department and all the medical departments it serves.

Our experts deliver a detailed analysis of current operational processes followed by recommendation that will ensure the delivery of safe, efficient processes. The safety of the patient is the core of our commitment.

We provide the highest quality of services while also controlling and reducing cost. Our consultants are active managers in the field providing real time solutions to day-today operational issues.

With our wealth of experience in the private and government world, we directly improve value for hospitals and health systems just like yours. We provide the most skilled, reliable sterile processing technicians, leads, supervisors, managers and directors.

We help your sterile processing department see quick gains in efficiency and effectiveness. We are SAMI!