We are Hiring Sterile Processing Technicians

SAMI knows how difficult it is to recruit the right talent in the field of sterile processing; due to the nature of the industry.

SAMI Sterile is your partner for high quality outcomes, patient safety, and optimal financial results.

SAMI’s strategic collaboration with different school’s sterile processing programs has been meeting the needs of our customers for a decade.

We go above and beyond to ensure we match you with the right candidate for the job. We do our research to verify the certification of the candidate, educational qualification, criminal background check, enlisted experience, and also reference check. Having the right workforce starts from the recruiting and selection process, and we do not take this likely. With practical hands on experience, our consultants know the right skills and talent that will be able to meet your need.

We take our time in searching and looking for the most qualified sterile processing professional. We help hospitals in staffing their sterile processing department with qualified candidates. Our SPD travelers are educated and certified with a minimum of one year of relevant experience. We are quick in bringing workers onboard as soon as we get your request.