Sterile Processing Consulting

Our consultants have hands-on practical experience and not just book knowledge. SAMI’s consultants are active managers that were once technicians in the field.

We understand what you and the entire SPD department are going through on a day-to-day basis. We know what regulatory bodies like TJC, AAMI, CDC, OSHA, DNV, etc. are looking for. Let us help you develop coherent workflow processes that are anchored in high quality standard.

SAMI Sterile is your partner for high quality outcomes, patient safety, and optimal financial results.

We do on-site departmental walk-through so that we can better understand your needs. With our consultant’s practical knowledge, we guarantee quality delivery of our services.

We know what to look for in your decontamination, sterile storage, prep & Pack, as well as your sterilization area. We are experts in sterile processing department engineering design. If you are looking into constructing a new Sterile Processing Department, SAMI is the right answer for you. We will ensure your design complies with AAMI, OSHA, TJC, DNV, CDC, and EPA standards.

Are your IUSS numbers outrageous? There is no cause for alarm. SAMI consultants will help you carry out a root cause analysis to reduce your Immediate Use Steam Sterilization rate.

Are you experiencing instrumentation delay? We understand how frustrating it could be for needed instruments not to be available at the right time.

Are instruments missing in your tray? Our instrument quality assurance process is the right answer for you. Is the rate of bio-burden high in your department? We are experts in reducing it by going to the root cause of the problem. Whatsoever your opportunities are, SAMI is the right answer for you.