Sterile Processing Outsourcing

Our vision is to help the perioperative department focus more on direct patient care, while we run the entire sterile processing department.

SAMI is the right answer for you if you are thinking of outsourcing your entire sterile processing department.

We will ensure the day-to-day processes in your sterile processing department can stand the test of any regulatory body survey at any time. We know the right instrument and equipment vendors to collaborate with, that will deliver the right quality product.

SAMI Sterile is your partner for high quality outcomes, patient safety, and optimal financial results.

Our instrument and equipment preventive maintenance program will help extend the life cycle of your instruments. We embed instrument functionality testing in the daily quality assurance process. You can never go wrong with SAMI. Our knowledge of instrument tracking system will help you select the right tracking system that can meet the need of your department (Censitrac, Ascendco-Sonar, Abacus, Impress, etc.).

SAMI coherent endoscope reprocessing processes give you the confidence that every instrument and equipment is treated as if it is going to be used on our family member. We are proficient in High-Level Disinfection processes. We know the right chemical to choose for your Automatic Endoscope Re-processor (Rapicide, Cidex-OPA, etc.). Instruments save lives and we do too. The quality of water use in the sterile processing department is a huge variable to the life span of the instrument and equipment.

SAMI water quality program guarantees the delivery of quality water that is free of hard minerals. She knows the importance of the use of deionized or reverse osmosis water for the final rinsing process in decontamination. We are expert in decontamination, prep and pack, sterilization, and sterile storage. Our consultant’s solution is guaranteed to reduce the IUSS rate in your department. We speak and do sterile processing. SAMI does it best!