Endoscope Reprocessing

Our consultants and workers provide the best solution for your endoscope unit. We possess the Certified Endoscope Re-processor Certification (CER).

SAMI offers a complete solution to support your endoscopy unit, helping you through every step of the processing cycle from bedside, through cleaning, to liquid chemical sterilization or high level disinfection, to compliant scope storage and transport solutions.

We make it easy for you to quickly process your endoscopes, increasing throughput while maintaining the highest level of patient care and compliance to standards and guidelines.

We provide solutions for every processing step which includes but not limited to, point of use spraying and cleaning, transportation, manual cleaning, cleaning verification (ATP testing, Resi-Test, endo-check, etc.), high level disinfection, drying and storage of the endoscope. We know the best AER equipment that will best meet your need.

Point of Use Pre-Cleaning

The cleaning of the endoscope at bedside is the first vital step that helps to prevent soils from drying on the scope, from the point of use through transportation, before getting to the decontamination area of the GI unit or sterile processing department.

Regulatory bodies like the TJC, DNV and the States do inspect this process, to ensure hospitals and healthcare organizations are in compliance.

Our consultant and workers are educated and certified in the processing of endoscope. We understand the quality processes that need to be implemented to ensure that each and every scope is processed with maximum quality. We understand the functionality, usage and quality check points for Automatic Endoscope Re-processor (SS1-E, Medivator Advantage Plus, etc.). Let us help you set up your point of use cleaning process to adverts the use of delayed endoscope reprocessing method, and damaged scopes.

Manual Cleaning

Without proper manual cleaning of the endoscope the presence of bioburden is inevitable. One of the most important steps following pre-cleaning and transportation is manual cleaning with sponges, detergents, and brushes.

Our consultants and workers know the right product, process and workflow to ensure proper manual cleaning is done. We can help you set-up a coherent manual cleaning process with the proper brushes, connectors, leak test, scope buddy and the protein test process.

We design the decontamination area in the Endo unit and SPD, monitoring of temperature, humidity, air exchanges, and water testing. We know the importance of proper sinq set-up, tap and Reverse Osmosis water rinsing, for maximize instrument quality.

Endoscope Electronic Tracking Process

We are one of a few business in the industry that understand how to set-up an electronic endoscope tracking system; leveraging on an instrument tacking system platform. This process will help you track the step by step processing of endoscopes, to ensure compliance to policies and procedures.

We develop endoscope competencies that are in sync with the manufacturers Instruction for Use (IFU). Do you know how many of your endoscopes are out for repairs? Are you maximizing the life span of your endoscopes? Do you have a proactive preventive maintenance process for your endoscopes? Call SAMI for answers to these questions and many more you might have.

The resource of an electronic endoscope tracking process comes handy during survey (TJC, DNV, and State) time. Most hospitals have made the news due to an event of surgical site infection as a result of bioburden in endoscope.

We can help prevent that from happening to your hospital or healthcare organization. Remember SAMI does it best!