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Veteran’s Hospital (VA) Sterile Processing Consulting

SAMI’s consultants are well experienced in the government world of Sterile Processing.

Our experts possess VHA Level 2 Certification from VA, National Program Office of Sterile Processing Services. This is a reflection of our dedication and proficiency in the government world of Sterile Processing.

SAMI Sterile is your partner for high quality outcomes, patient safety, and optimal financial results.

We ensure that our work processes are in full compliance with VHA Directives 1116, in the delivery of exceptional services.

We take pride in what we do, knowing that if it goes wrong in the Sterile Processing Department; it will definitely go wrong in surgery. We save lives with dignity.

Our services to the government industry include, processing of scopes, high-level disinfection, decontamination, sterilization, preparation & packaging, and sterilization. We know the importance of two hundred percent surgical tray assembly quality assurance processes.

We believe that each instrument, tray and equipment processed should be done with maximum quality. We are dedicated to quality. Our standard operating procedures comply with AAMI, OSHA, and TJC standards.

We know the importance of proper competency validation processes, which is an attestation of the knowledge of our technicians in the field. We keep up with each equipment and instrument competency time frame to ensure our workers are competent in doing what they do. You can entirely outsource your sterile processing department to us and we will run it for you, while you focus more on direct patient care.

We know how busy and stressful working in the Operating Room could be, that is why we are here to take the SPD off your plate. Let us help you as we help the patient. We are a patient-centric organization. SAMI does it best!